Day 1: 280 Hours Remaining

The tedious driving to south central only reveals that the Assistance League office at that location no longer exists. How typical. How joyous. More wasted gas with a court ordered cessation of income. Hoorah.

I’ve learned my lesson so I decide to attempt a call to the next office listed. Ring. Ring. Ring. Times fifty. Nope, that won’t work either.

When all else fails, the traffic court is always open. That beauty of beurocracy… the Hill Street Hilarious. The paperwork says the Assistance League is on the 2nd floor, 9th window. The 9th window says the Assistance League is at the 2nd window. The hours of operation are different than the paperwork. More waiting and more parking fees.

Finally there is a person. She is mousy, hispanic and full of smiles. Relief washes over me. A HUMAN! She asks me to fill out paperwork, which has become my full time job these days. Boxes to check and my vital stats repeated in numerous places. I mark that I have been convicted of B&P 2052, a felony.

She types into her computer and looks up over her glasses. “Whatchoo get arrested for?” she asks with a puzzled expression.

“Practicing medicine without a license. I caught a baby.”

“That’s a new one.” She purses her lips with that ghetto distate. “Hold on.”

She returns with an apologetic expression. “I’m sorry Mija. Looks like ju gonna have ‘drive or ride and animal’ on jor paperwork. Nobody in here knows why but da computer says dat every time I type in jor conviction number.”

Great. Not only am I a felon, but now whoever I do my community service work for is going to think I was arrested for bestiality.

“How many hours ju got?”

“240 plus 40 with CalTrans.”

She types some more and gives me three options. She tells me my options are limited because very few places for community service want felons. Two of the places have hours that would require me to pay money for childcare I don’t have since I can no longer work.

“Ooooh, Mija… this one might work for ju. It’s with the VOA and it’s nights.”

“Perfect.” I tell her. Skid Row, here I come: a midwife convicted for riding an animal. Maybe they’ve confused me with Boudicca.*



About supportmidwifekatiemccall

Katie McCall was born at Pomona Valley Hospital in Southern California by scheduled c-section as a frank breech due to the current medical system insistence that breeches should always be delivered that way. Katie's father's family was filled with teachers, her mother's family was filled with healers. It is no surprise then, that she went on to have her own two children and spend her adult life involved in a combination of teaching and healing through midwifery, childbirth education, doula work and serving families in Southern California. Katie attended USC for her general education and then went on to study with the American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth to become a certified childbirth educator. Shortly thereafter, she certified as a birth doula (labor assistant) with the Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators. Katie was also mentored through a pregnancy and birth support business called The Birth Connection in Glendale, CA, which Katie later purchased and expanded to include a 1500 square foot education facility, retail store and birthing center. She enrolled in midwifery school and apprenticed with the midwives who ran the birth center as well as with midwives who attended homebirths. She sold her business to pursue her midwifery education full time in 2006 and passed her midwifery (NARM) exam to become a Certified Professional Midwife in 2008. She went on to gain her Midwifery License from the State of CA Medical Board in 2010. Katie has received supplementary education in lactation to become a lactation educator, vaginal birth after cesarean support, support of sexual abuse survivors, aromatherapy and is neonatal and CPR certified. She assisted over 500 couples through childbirth education and attended over 550 births as of 2011. As a Southern California native, she has a wide range of experience, serving mothers from diverse backgrounds. She believes her job is one of empowering women to develop their own trust and connection with their bodies and their babies during their own unique journey into motherhood. If she has learned anything through her experience with birth, it is that every birth is as different as the women who are laboring. On August 17th, 2011 Katharine “Katie” McCall, a licensed midwife, was convicted of practicing medicine with out a license for a 2007 birth she assisted as a student. The charge arose from a home birth where Katie's supervising midwife could not arrive because she was at another birth. Instead of leaving the family to birth unassisted, Katie stayed. She recommended that the family transfer to the hospital and the family refused. They were aware that she was only a student midwife and that she was unable to secure an overseeing mid View all posts by supportmidwifekatiemccall

9 responses to “Day 1: 280 Hours Remaining

  • Jessica Tiderman

    I wish there was some other way that I could help you. *hugs* Much love to you.

  • Alida Rodriguez

    Katie, I am so sorry for all that you are going through and have gone through. It isn’t fair. What a great injustice. do you own your home? If not, have you considered becoming an apartment manager? If you need help/info contact me. Bless you. Alida w5

  • Stacy Lowery

    I think she is a great woman to be compared to Katie. A mother and warrior standing up for justice.

  • Tai

    Katie, I feel your frustration and anger at what you are going through, but the overtly meanspirited description of the clerk as a mousy Latina and poking fun at the accent of a woman trying to do her job as best as the screwed up beaurocracy has set her up to do so is not evocing my sympathy for your situation at this moment.
    Stick to the point. I find no humor in this rant. If that was your attemp, you missed the mark. You exclaimed relief at finding a “HUMAN”, then go on to insult her culturally? Where is your humanity here?
    What more could she have done for you today? Spoken to you in Elizabethan English?
    You’ve obiously been through a traumatic time. One I understand more than most. My intention is not to insult you but to encourage you to be at your very best inspite of all you are facing. Lashing out and pointing your finger at someone’s faults, regardless of how minor they may be in the grand scope of life and your experience of this trial will make you seem as though you are breaking under the pressure.
    Those who support you will expect strength and honorable behavior on your part. Not whiney, bratty, “Watchyoudoin’ here chica?” attitude.
    Buck up. It’s more important now than ever.

    Tai Carson

    • supportmidwifekatiemccall

      I’m sorry you were unable to see the humor. I am a born and bred Los Angelina. These are my people… all of them (and there is a wide range of diversity here… almost as much as the entire world holds). To deny the richness and beauty of the experience across the cultural kaliedescope that is the city of Los Angeles would be to represent my city falsely. All of my latina friends see the humor. The post was not a rant. As a matter of fact, the entire blog will be mostly humor and hopefully entertaining. I’m sorry if it missed it’s mark with you, but you are the only one who has mentioned being offended so far. I am probably more latina or black than I am white under my skin, so sometimes I miss the mark with the sensitivities of people who are not from within the city of LA. Again, please accept my apologies for any discomfort you may have encountered and I would challenge you to look deep into the reason why you projected an insulting, lashing out or mean spirited nature to my experience with the woman at the Hill Street courthouse. As a matter of fact, it was quite the opposite. She was closer to a sister than anything I had seen up to that point. My text says I was RELIEVED by her. Her accent– to me– speaks of HOME. 🙂

      • supportmidwifekatiemccall

        I’m also born and bred in LA Katie, being a Spanish speaking person of Afro Caribbean and Asian and Caucasian heritage, I don’t need a lesson in diversity from you. I lived 40 years within 15 miles of my birthplace in Hollywood. I stand by what I said. I was no trying to upset you, but rather help you understand that your tone, or humor does not reflect dignity in that post to me.

        Post my name and email if you want to but ONLY if you post this and your response as well. THE ENTIRE DISCOURSE I’m not interested in receiving a bunch of hateful emails from your friends if that is why you want permission to post it. I have been kind to you from your first contact with me and stayed out of the politics surrounding your case because it beings up painfully memories of losing so much myself, including at one point my reputation, livelihood and the work of my heart and soul.

        Perhaps when you met the midwives that are our mutual friends, the rumors and crazy accusations had stopped. I didn’t have to endure the court process thank God, but was raked over the coals within the midwifery community , in particular by my former best friend and business partner Connie which was is betrayal that burns to this day, regardless of any attempt at reconciliation we make.

        Again, My intent was not to anger you, I would like to see you hold your head up in spite of what you are experiencing and so far, MY perception ( and I own that this is just my personal opinion and has no bearing in the greater world) is that I am not inspired by the post sentencing posts. If you don’t care, that’s your prerogative. I’m not looking to start a fight with you or your friends, many of whom are also my friends. Perhaps before you share my email with everyone,in hopes that I “Get told”, share it with Heather and Alecks who know me very well and can attest to my integrity.

        Wishing you Strength, Dignity and Peace,
        Tai Carson

      • supportmidwifekatiemccall

        Oh, dear one. No. I did not ask if I could post your comment so people could send you hate mail (I don’t even think your original comment that you left here had your email attached to it)! I asked so I could clarify in case any other readers were offended as well but didn’t have the guts you have to tell me about it! 🙂

        Again, I’m sorry you were offended. I meant nothing by the post but to accurately portray what happened that day. As a writer, I include sights, smells, feelings and SOUND to give an accurate portrayal.

        I’m sorry you were so hurt as a midwife and no longer are here in CA. I am not one to listen to rumors even if they were around. It grieves my heart deeply that midwifery is so lacking in unity. Until we as midwives can stand together DESPITE our disagreements or different ways of doing things, we will NEVER be able to fully stand for mothers in our country. I am an overcomer. I hope to help bring healing.

        With all my deepest love and respect,
        -Katie McCall

  • Kerri Pelz

    I don’t get it. Why is writing in dialect insulting? I appreciate the flavor it brings to the story. I’m a southern gal and dialect is what keeps our culture alive and distinct. And BTW Katie, you’re a fantastic writer. Keep it up!

  • CharliD

    If someone is portraying a culture wouldn’t it be dishonest to not represent it truthfully? If I was writing a story about an old mountain man I met where I live I would do the same, portraying his mannerisms, dialect, tone, appearance and individual personality. Katie, I enjoyed your posts. Keep writing in your unique and descriptive form. Keep you head up and know many of us are thinking of you and praying for you daily!

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