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On a Lighter Note

Business Partner Needed

We are a team of three hard-working and highly motivated individuals seeking a fourth partner to share our business in equal parts.

The current president is involved in a myriad highly detailed and far reaching projects which hold potential for a healthy profit over time. She is forthright, organized, energetic, creative and talented. She has been published and speaks regularly to the public and is a master of public relations and steering the company through scandal and governmental jealousy of business assets. She has many years of experience and yet is still often seen on the floor with her employees, working side by side with them. She has proven herself as one who is not only interested in their welfare, but also willing to go to great lengths to protect them form outside intrusion at all cost.

The current vice-president is keen at motivational speaking, managing company grievances and seeking advice from outside authority. She has developed a fine sense of compassion for those who visit the facilities during business hours and is involved in energetic promotions of the company’s ideas and products. Further, she is forever learning new ways of doing things and expanding the protocol to allow for growth.

The current manager of operations is precise and direct and maintains a strict discipline of the day to day tasks. He is a perfectionist with a strong ability to lead others. He daily promotes the ideas of self-ownership, responsibility and adherence to company policy above all other non-compliance and regulations which are not derived from the company itself. His strong hand and attention to justice and liberty within the workplace have helped to make it the success it is today.

We are seeking a fourth member of our team to establish a strong direction for future growth and make the business more profitable. Investment cost is minimal and only requires relocation. The ideal business partner will maintain his own vehicle, ideally a truck or other car that can transport company property from time to time. He will also be strong enough to carry some of the burden of heavier company assets as the current administration is unable to handle this aspect of the business on their own at times. He will also be skilled in various basic skilled labor techniques that the company is currently lacking (such as plumbing, building construction and vehicle mechanics). Lastly, he will be interested in assisting with the manufacturing and trading of company products (namely: produce, eggs, livestock and crafts) for the furtherance of company profit and sustainability.

The right candidate will maintain a strong sense of moral courage and adequate tenacity to shoulder the ups an downs of every day life. He will respect the rights of the other partners to hold their personal beliefs about religion, philosophy and culture while developing his own opinions and sharing them in a common exchange of mutual interest. His weekly tasks may include many hours of face to face time with the junior partners as the president seeks to mold them into better team players for future business as their partnership agreements are only short-term.

In exchange for these duties, the new partner will be handsomely beset with a position of honor and lodging, meals, laundry and room service will be included. His needs and desires will be considered as important business interests and he will be treated with respect. The president will also devote several hours per week in private interaction to ascertain that he is relaxed, rejuvenated and able to perform his position’s duties to the best of his bodily ability.

This partnership is a long-term position. The president requests that no official contracts be drawn up as she is a strong believer in mutual consent and desires to have no government involvement.

Phoenix Rising

Well, after all of that work, I dropped off of WordPress for over a month again. This time I just needed some time to sweat, garden, cry, dig, dance, and sweat some more. It’s been a grueling process. But just as I was about to dig myself into a little hole and never venture out with my outside of the box thinking again, I was given a bonfire of encouragement from Pete Eyre and his voluntaryist and libertarian friends.

I was so blown away to hear of all the stories they have to tell. My story is NOT unique. I just happen to have been involved with midwifery. So many other trades have been affected by the prosecution of victimless “criminals.”

Pete’s encouragement came right at a moment that I about cracked from the craziness of it all: the Medical Board of CA sent me a letter asking me to allow them to continue the hearing I must have before them (to decide if I will have my license revoked or be put on probation for eons). This was a request THEY made because they wanted to have the hearing next January 2013, not this June 2012 as scheduled. When my attorney agreed (hey… big deal… I can’t practice anyway, what does it matter to me?) they sent him the stipulation for me to sign.

In the stipulation, the wording said that I agreed that I had been found guilty of practicing negligently (something I was never even charged of!), that I agreed to have my license suspended (huh? Don’t I need a hearing before they decide that FOR me?) and that I promise not to be found in any place where “midwifery might be practiced” including employment, other than as a patient or the family member of a patient.


So, I asked my attorney to politely decline their continuation request. I may be tarred and feathered, but I’ll be damned if I’ll help them do it.

Oh! And in case you, like me, are wondering why I can’t just send them their silly paper and quit even TRYING to practice in the People’s Republic of California, there’s this regulation that keeps things from being that simple.

So my hearing is in six weeks. I’ll keep y’all updated on what happens, but my hopes aren’t high. Nothing about anything related to this process has produced anything but disillusionment in me. Which is a LOT for an idealist at heart to take. Especially one who was also a statist. Heck. I was basically a socialist until this whole thing started. Now I truly fear for the future of our country. We continue to encourage our publicly funded civil servants to make more and more and more rules and laws and regulations.

Oh, and my book will be out soon. Please order a copy if you haven’t. It is the first and only place that I have told my story. You can pre-order it here. The forward was written by Dr. Stuart Fischbein and the Appendix of action items was compiled with an introduction by Pete Eyre; Like two solid bookends on a very messy, emotional female memoir.

My appeal is also still in process… it’s a bit like watching hair grow and hope it doesn’t become ingrown in the process. I am so grateful to my appeals attorney. She rocks.